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How To Deter Squirrels From Eating Your Fall Bulbs

Posted in The American Meadows Blog, November 11, 2010 by Suzanne DeJohn.

Although their antics are fun to watch, squirrels can be a real nuisance when they dig up your newly planted bulbs.  The simplest way to prevent problems is to plant bulbs they don't like to eat.   The bulbs in this collection are some of the bulbs found to be distasteful to squirrels.

Plant tulips and crocus, on the other hand, and you're putting out the equivalent of catnip for your cat. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy these beauties, it just means you have to outsmart the squirrels. There are two ways to approach this: place a barrier between the bulbs and the squirrels, or use a deterrent — something the squirrels avoid.


There are a number of repellent sprays on the market that may help deter squirrels, with mixed reviews on how effective they are. You may need to reapply them frequently, especially after a rain.

Avoid sprinkling ground hot pepper around planting beds. The powder can get into the eyes of animals and cause them excruciating pain.

If you want to try hot pepper, the Humane Society recommends using a hot pepper wax spray, which adheres to plants and is less likely to get into animals' eyes. And avoid using mothballs; they're toxic when ingested and may add unnecessary toxins to your soil.

Tips for Deterring Squirrels with Repellents:

  • Spray (or sprinkle) deterrents early in the season, before your garden plants are even available to munch on. This can help to prevent your garden from becoming a favourite spot.
  • Alternate between different types of repellents, so that rodents don't become used to your tricks. Keep them guessing!
  • Be more mindful of applying repellents after long winters or dry spells, when food sources are scarce. This type of weather encourages competition between all kinds of garden critters in their search for food, and you may notice more activity than you have seen in the past.


Instead of planting a solid bed of tulips and crocus, you can try interplanting with some of the bulbs mentioned above that are usually avoided by squirrels. That may offer some measure of protection.

  • Keep bird feeders away from the garden, or make an effort to clean fallen seed up off teh ground regularly. You can always use the old "if you can't beat them, join them" attitude and set up a special squirrel feeding station. By offering the squirrels a ready supply of easy-to-access food, you might keep them from digging.
  • Keep the area mowed and free from rock and wood piles, which offer the perfect habitat. Tidy up after planting, too. Don't leave bulb debris (like the papery "tunics" that fall off tulip bulbs) around the planting area, because it acts like a breadcrumb trail to the bulbs.
  • Trees, clotheslines, and other structures near the garden can offer squirrels a sense of comfort and protection when maneuvering through the area. If possible, limit these 'jungle gym'-type networks close to your planting beds.
  • The regualr presence of a cat or dog is a powerful way to deter squirrels!

Hopefully, these techniques will help you foil foraging squirrels this fall, so you can enjoy colourful blooms next spring. 

For the complete article, please visit https://www.americanmeadows.com/blog/2010/11/11/deterring-squirrels/

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Blue Allium Caeruleum is a deep, clear blue ornamental onion that creates perfect globes of star-shaped flowers. Its rare blue colour will help attract bees and other pollinators to your garden.  Quantity: 20 Bulbs Height: 60cm Size: 5/+ cm
Quick look
Allium Giganteum lives up to its name! Made up of perfect little purple florets that create a large round ball on top of a sturdy stem, similar to a topiary. Blooms in late spring to early summer.  Quantity: 1 Bulb Height: 120cm Size: 20/+ cm
Quick look
 Small, silvery purple florets form 8–10″ flower heads. 'Globemaster' gets its size from its A. cristophii parent, but the florets are packed more densely, creating an imposing and brilliantly coloured globe.  Quantity: 1 Bulb Height: 90cm Size: 20/+ cm
Quick look
Producing lovely 3" balls of white blooms with lavender stamens and purple anthers, Graceful Beauty has a polka-dot appearance that is irresistible. Quantity: 12 Bulbs  Height: 40cm Size: 6/+ cm
Quick look
Another low-growing favorite for mixed borders and forced pots, this selection out of A. karataviense has densely packed, ivory-cream globes up to 3" wide above broad, glaucous, gray-green foliage with fine red edges.  Quantity: 3 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 12/+ cm
Quick look
These 4″ pure white blooms have a unique role in any late-spring border that seeks some gravitas. Pair with A. 'Purple Sensation' in thoughtfully spaced clusters, then stand back. The snow white blooms of 'Mount Everest' also make bouquets of tall Aquilegias and other purple Alliums even more spectacular.  Quantity: 1 Bulb...
Quick look
These creamy, bell-shaped blooms tinged green and pink hang from baseball-sized flowerheads, and the gray-green leaves take on interesting spiral twists. The papery, tan seedpods turn upwards as they mature.  Quantity: 15 Bulbs Height: 90cm Size: 20/+ cm
Quick look
Purple, globe-shaped flowers that appear just before spring gives way to summer. A vivid bloomer, it prefers full sun but will also share its amazing colour in partly-shaded areas. Highly attractive to pollinators. Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 60-90cm Size: 12/+ cm
Quick look
From the same breeder as the ever-popular ‘Globemaster’ comes this flamboyant variety boasting rich burgundy globes with distinctive crests of tiny buds that open to white florets. Height: 100cm Size: 10/+ cm
Quick look
Flower heads resemble a beautiful botanical explosion, making Schubertii a great late-spring finale. A hardy plant that is unaffected by diseases, insects, and wildlife pests.  Height: 75cm Size: 12/+ cm
Quick look
A free-flowering, pale canary-yellow miniature bearing from three to five flowers with slender foliage. It is ideal for warmer climates, naturalized drifts, rock gardens and garden nooks and crannies. Baby Moon is highly valued as one of the latest Narcissi to flower.  Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 8/+ cm...
Quick look
Dutch Master has been North America's favourite daffodil for decades. It's great for naturalizing and creates the perfect early burst of classic yellow colour.  Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 8/+ cm
Quick look
Sweetly fragrant with up to six 2" flowers per stem, this outward-facing, award-winning heirloom has a white perianth and a shallow bowl-shaped, bright yellowish-orange cup that is just slightly ribbed.  Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 35cm Size: 14/16 cm
Quick look
Golden Echo yields one to three flowers per stem has shimmering white with a sunny golden halo around the base of its yellow cup. Lightly fragrant, it has graceful, slender foliage and does well in warmer climates.  Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 30cm Size: 12/14cm
Quick look
Jetfire has a vivid yellow, reflexed perianth and a strong orange trumpet. It is one of the most beloved of all naturalizing early bloomers.  Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 12/14 cm
Quick look
Bearing four to five pale yellow flowers per stem with little buttons of yellow cups. Minnow is ideal for warmer climates, and is terrific in rock gardens and garden nooks and crannies. Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 12/+ cm
Quick look
New Baby Daffodil bulbs are a sweetly fragrant miniature Daffodil (Narcissus), that grows easily, forming compact drifts in the garden. White petals edged with yellow surround a deep yellow cup. Up to 4 flowers per bulb. Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 6/8cm  
Quick look
This fragrant, naturalizing heirloom has large, more star-shaped, reflexed white petals and a small, yellow, red-edged cup with a green eye.  Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 35cm Size: 14/16cm
Quick look
Undemanding and easy to grow, these are ideal for borders, rockeries and containers for a sunny windowsill; or grow them in bold drifts naturalized in grass. The neat clusters of yellow trumpets make these narcissus flowers excellent for cutting. Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 15cm Size: 12/14cm
Quick look
Ivory white, cream cup. Triandrus Tresamble is a charming dwarf narcissus, multi-headed, strong in the stems and weather resistant.  Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 35cm Size: 12/14 cm
Quick look
The fragrant Thalia has up to five, pendant white flowers per stem with recurved petals and a dainty cup-shaped crown.  Quantity: 10 Bulbs Height: 35cm Size: 12/14 cm
Quick look
This classic Dutch Hyacinth has charming periwinkle blue flowers. 'Delft Blue' is truly a dazzler and is known to be one of the most fragrant Hyacinths available. Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 15/16 cm
Quick look
Heavenly scent and deep hot-pink colour make this Hyacinth a world favourite. Jan Bos also boasts early, non-fading blooms paired with impressive performance in tough conditions.  Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 25 cm Size: 15/16 cm
Quick look
Available in a myriad of colours, each very fragrant; for bedding and forcing; plant where the sweet, reminiscent fragrance of spring. Quantity: 5 Bulbs Height: 25cm Size: 15/16 cm
Quick look
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