Potted Plant - Succulents (Assorted)

PLEASE NOTE:  For this item, a set of 2 or 4 assorted succulents will be sent.   The sizes will range from 2-4" depending on availability from our grower.   If you choose to include a pot, the succulents will be potted individually, in the appropriately sized pots.   Often varieties will include a combination of echeveria, aeonium, senecio, sempervivum and haworthia.    We do not carry cactus.   

Succulents, despite their reputation, are not an easy-care plant for many.   The simple reason being, we love them too much.   Also, in Toronto, it is rare that we have the proper light conditions for succulents to thrive long-term.   Ultimately, indoor succulents will be around for a good time, but not a long time.  Enjoy, but don’t feel badly if you have trouble with them.   Lots of us do.   We still love them!

LIGHT CONDITIONS: In general, succulents that have bright colours don’t do well indoors. They require more light than is generally available indoors.  A great place to start is with succulents that are naturally green.  Without enough light, you will notice your succulent will get ‘leggy’. 

WATER CONDITIONS:  Water well and allow the soil to dry between waterings.  Succulents don't like to have wet feet.  Let the succulent dry completely, then wait a few days before watering again.  

Please note, Sweetpea's works with locally grown plants and each of our potted arrangements are unique in their own way.  The assortment shown is an example of the size, colour and varieties of plants available.  Your potted arrangement will vary based on the time of year, potting options and budget you've selected.


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