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Locally Grown, Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Buying a tree from Sweetpea's has become part of holiday traditions for many of our customers.   Quality customer service, from friendly, knowledgable staff.    

We will offer traditional tree trimming, so your tree is ready to put into your stand.   This includes cleaning all the lower branches and providing a fresh cut.   You will be provided with a full care sheet and we are always happy to help load your tree into your car.

If you would like delivery and in-home setup, we provide that as well.   Please ask our tree staff for details and pricing.


Sweetpea's Christmas Tree Lot is located at Roncesvalles United Church

  • Open Daily, until December 24th.
  • Weekdays - 12pm - 7:30pm
  • Weekends - 9am - 8pm 

We accept debit, visa, mastercard and cash.

Where do Sweetpea's trees come from?

Our trees have been brought in from the Sloan Nursery, located in Bothwell, Ontario (mid-way between London and Chatham). Originally purchased in 1947, the farm has grown to 600 acres, and has been cared for by four generations of the Sloan family. 

Why should you buy Locally Grown, Fresh-Cut, Ontario Trees?

  • The Christmas tree industry creates thousands of jobs in Canada's rural regions.
  • Buying a real Christmas tree does not deplete the forest. 98% of Canadian production comes from managed tree farms. It is similar to buying food or fibre products. In the case of Christmas trees, the product is completely recyclable. 
  • Artificial Christmas trees cannot be recycled, reused or turned into mulch. The PVC and lead content of artificial trees will remain in landfills for generations to come.
  • By purchasing a real tree to decorate your home, you have completed a twelve-year cycle of green for the planet. In that time, your tree has provided cover for animals, oxygen for the planet and saved on fossil fuels required to make the imitation ones.
  • Next spring the farmer will be planting another seedling to replace your tree

Christmas Tree Pricing

  • 2.5' - 4.5' - $35
  • 4.5' - 6.5' - $45
  • 6.0' - 6.5' - $65 
  • 6.5' - 8.0' - $75
  • 8.0' - 9.0' - $95
  • 10' - 11' - $190

Christmas Tree Delivery & In-Home Set-up Available.   Please call for pricing and details.

Advantages of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

When Sweetpea's first started selling Christmas Trees, we did a lot of research before deciding to carry exclusively, Fraser Firs.  

Fraser Firs embody the ideal image of the perfect Christmas tree that everyone thinks of when they think of the traditional, lighted trees of their youth.  Besides being a beloved addition to every home’s holiday decorations, Fraser Fir trees offer a number of other advantages.

  • Deeper green color— most varieties of Christmas trees are green, but Fraser Fir trees are a richer, deeper blue-green color, and fade less. Sweetpea's trees are cut within days of delivery to our lot to ensure “fresh from the field” color and quality is preserved.

  • Needle retention— Fraser Fir trees have excellent needle retention.   Their thick, plump needles hold tight to the branches throughout the holiday season.

  • Softer needles— unlike other popular tree varieties, Fraser Firs have soft touchable needles, making them easier to transport, decorate, and then remove after the holiday. When you walk into the tree lot, feel the softness of the Fraser Fir foliage.   You will instantly fall in love.
  • Strong branches— Fraser Fir has strong branches for holding heavy ornaments and lighting. Strong branches are better able to withstand transportation, from our tree lot to your home, condo or apartment.
  • Sustainable— because of their hearty nature, Fraser Fir trees can be easily transplanted and cared for. Their cultivation takes fewer tolls on the environment than the production of other trees.
  • Varying height— the natural conical shape of the Fraser Fir means they look great at two feet, or at fifteen feet. So whether you live in a small condo or apartment, and need something small to put in a corner, or in a large home, and want something large to soar to the ceiling, you will find the perfect fit with a Fraser Fir.
  • Durable, Beautiful and Long-Lasting - Because Fraser Firs have fade resistant deep blue-green color, softer needles and stronger branches than other Christmas trees, they will stand up better to children and pets, as well as heavy elaborate decorations.



How to take care of your Freshly Cut, Locally Grown Christmas Tree

  • Store your tree in a cool place, out of the wind and rain, until it is ready to be brought indoors.
  • Ensure your tree stand is large enough to hold four litres (one gallon) of water in addition to the trunk of the tree.
  • When bringing the tree indoors, cut 1-2 cm (½-¾ of an inch) off the tree stump before placing it in water. The cut must be no more than four hours old; otherwise sap will seal the cut. If the trunk is allowed to seal, this prevents the water from rising throughout the tree, causing it to dry out. Sweetpea's can provide a fresh cut to the bottom of your tree at no additional charge.
  • If possible, try to set-up your tree away from heat sources and vents. 
  • Use very warm water for the first watering. It helps enable the sap to flow readily. As the tree thaws, water will be drawn upwards replenishing the moisture to the branches and needles. 
  • Top up the water twice daily so the base of your tree doesn't dry out or has a chance of sealing itself off again. Your tree will drink several litres of water everyday for the first week or two, so be sure to check it regularly.
  • Try adding a liquid Christmas tree preservative to the water. These products can help the tree to conduct water, retain freshness and prolong its longevity. 
  • Ideas of what you can do with your tree after the Holidays
  • Cut into small pieces and use for decorating your plant beds.
  • Cut the boughs off the tree and use them as winter protection in the garden.
  • You may want to keep a small piece to start next year's first holiday fire.


City of Toronto – Christmas Tree Pick-up for the Roncesvalles Area

• Wednesday, January 11 • Wednesday, January 25

Trees are composted by the city and for this reason they must be free of . . .
• tree bags
• tinsel
• ornaments
• nails
• tree skirts
• stands


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