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Potted Plant - 6" Sanseveria


A Sansevieria Plant, originally from South Africa, is another hardy almost impossible to kill houseplant that thrives on neglect. Sansevieria plants, also called a Snake plant and Mother in Law’s Tongue plant, can be used as table plants or, when taller, stately floor plants. Certain varieties such as the “Trifasciata” have long, thick, stiff, upright leaves that can reach 4ft. in length while other varieties, such as the Hahni, have very short compact leaves that are only 4”. NASA  lists the Sanseveria plant as an excellent clean air plant.

LIGHT CONDITIONS: A sansevieria can be placed anywhere in a room from the darkest corner to the brightest window. The better the light, the faster a sansevieria grows.

WATER CONDITIONS:  Over-watering is the main reason sansevieria plants die. Allow the soil to dry out before watering. During the winter, in a low light area, a sansevieria plant may need water only once a month.

Please visit HOUSEPLANT411.com for more information and detailed care instructions.

Please note, Sweetpea's works with locally grown plants and each of our potted arrangements are unique in their own way.  The assortment shown is an example of the size, colour and varieties of plants available.  Your potted arrangement will vary based on the time of year, potting options and budget you've selected.


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